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Post by Misc on Sat Nov 10, 2007 2:45 pm

The Rules are designed to protect the rights and safety of all members. If you break the Rules one to many times you will be banned.

First up, common sense. We'll have it, so use it. Don't play dumb, it won't here.

- No spamming
Spam is a pointless message that means nothing and contributes nothing to that particular topic. This means messages like, for example: "nice" or "sdfaskjdgasdh"

-Smiley overload
"OMG HAI Crying or Very sad Razz Mad Surprised Sad " is another form of spam, please use no more than 5 smilies per post. And please, space out your smilies, don't place them right next to each other.

- No double/triple posting
We ask you avoid double/triple posting just for the sake of posting, in some cases we will bypass it. However if we see you extra posts to be unnecessary, you will receive a warning.

- No Swearing
While some users maybe able to handle the more vulgar language in the world, others may not. And to stay on the safe side and avoid any unneeded arguments please do not swear. We will allow abbreviations, but over do it and we will no longer allow this.

-Chat Speak
This is NOT a chat room, we expect you to at the very least, attempt to talk with proper grammar. If you're spelling skills aren't up to scratch we suggest a spell check add on for your browser.

- Grave Digging
Also known as "bumping." If a thread is over a month and a half old, leave it be. It's was in the past and users stopped posting as it was no longer needed. Only topics that are stickies or announcements may be bumped. So think before you post, check the date.

- Respect other users

We know you will never get along with everyone. That's life. However, whilst at the forum we do ask you to display respect toward all other users. This means no flaming with others and not arguing with a Staff decision, if you have any problems or concerns about the forum please either PM or email an Administrator.

- Staff
All staff on this forum have earned their spot fair and square.
No not ask to be staff at all. It will only lower your chances dramatically.

- Multiple Accounts

One account per user. If you're account has been banned, tough luck.
The only exception being that sometimes we may allow staff to have back ups.
If you have a sibling also on the forum you may have an account each.
But remember, only 1 per user.

- Advertising
We will not under any circumstances allow advertising anywhere except avatars, signatures and the field designated for this in your profile. This rules also applies in the PM [Private Messaging System], and also other forums. Please check other forum rules before advertising we don't want to end in a war. Any user caught advertising (especially via another forum,) will suffer punishment of doing so.

- Private Messaging System

Currently our Private Messaging System (also known as PM) is enabled.
Just because we are not able to view all messages sent, if a message is deemed inappropriate by a user we ask you report it to an Administrator immediately.

- Post in the correct area

This means not posting a thread about Club Penguin in the ''Off Topic" Forum.
While all it may take is a few clicks for a staff member to move it to the correct area, use your common sense, and post in the right place.

- No inappropriate links and/or images
Children aged from anywhere around 9 + may visit the forum. And while doing so do not wish to be greeted by any inappropriately images and/or links.

- Staying Safe on the internet

DO NOT under any circumstance give away personal information such as your last name, home address, phone number etc. Posting other things such as your first name, country, photos etc. are your own choice, do not let any one else pressure you into doing so, likewise don't pressure anyone else to do the same.
This if for your own protection, although we consider ourselves to be safe forum, you never know who may be reading.

"Do the crime, do the time" Yes I know the rules may seems a bit much, I just wanted them to be clear enough for all to understand. We are not a strict forum, the staff here are pretty easy going but we will act if you're not doing the right thing.
So play it safe by the rules.

If you have any concerns or need any help please contact a staff member via PM or email-

-Misc -
-Goobenheimer -
-Libbeh -
(Other staff feel free to add your e-mail here)

Thanks, on behalf on the Staff,
- Voax

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